Experiment Overview

Repository ID: FR-FCM-Z2ZY Experiment name: Cross-Species Immune Atlas MIFlowCyt score: 26.25%
Primary researcher: Zach Bjornson PI/manager: Zach Bjornson Uploaded by: Zach Bjornson
Experiment dates: 2012-10-19 - 2016-03-01 Dataset uploaded: Mar 2019 Last updated: Mar 2019
Keywords: [Rhesus macaque] [Cynomolgus Macaque] [mice] [African green monkey] [humans] Manuscripts:
Organizations: Stanford University, Stanford, CA (USA)
Purpose: Animal models are an integral part of the drug development and evaluation process. However, they are unsurprisingly imperfect reflections of humans, and the extent and nature of many immunological differences are unknown. With the rise of targeted and biological therapeutics, it is increasingly important that we understand the molecular differences in immunological behavior of humans and model organisms. Thus, we profiled a large number of healthy humans, along with three of the model organisms most similar to humans: rhesus and cynomolgus macaques and African green monkeys; and the most widely used mammalian model: mice. Using cross-species, universal phenotyping and signaling panels, we measured immune cell signaling responses to an array of 15 stimuli using CyTOF mass cytometry.
Conclusion: None
Comments: This dataset is also available at, which offers data visualizations.
Funding: US Food and Drug Administration contract HHSF223201210194C
Quality control: See publication. Briefly: antibodies were lyophilized for stability; single lots of reagents were used for all samples; entire stimulation and staining protocol was performed on a robotics platform; stimuli were tested for endotoxin; stimuli were pre-dispensed for consistency; samples were multiplexed by donor to eliminate staining volume variations.
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